Monday, 22 August 2016

Inspiration - Tractatus de Nigromantia

I really love hand written manuscripts and books and a lot of my warbands will probably show this. This book is in Manchester and I really have to find time to see it in real life!

Chethams Library 
Tractatus de Nigromantia
Due to popular demand, here is the 'Tractatus de Nigromantia', our MS Mun. A.4.98

See the pdf of the Tractatus.  (105MB)
This curious manuscript, written mainly in English, is a grimoire, or magical textbook, containing prayers, invocations, exorcisms and conjurations together with mystical diagrams inscribed in circles. There a re bizarre references to the 'Queen of the Phairies' and the 'Sisters of the Phairies' as well as directions intended to lead the reader to hidden treasure.
Read more and see some more photographs of this manuscript on our 101 Treasures page here.

Friday, 19 August 2016

The Hidden Library of Tzeentch - part 11

Part of my enjoyment of any project is my notebook that goes along with it (I tend to have one per army / warband). I don't normally share them but this time I felt like doing so. The text is mostly copied from Lexicanum entries, so don't expect any deep insight into the Hidden Library project - it's more about getting myself in the right mood for a project and exploring the background beyond reading battletomes, army books and codexes.

Thursday, 18 August 2016

The Hidden Library of Tzeentch - part 10

I've finished painting another Iridescent Horror for the warband: Elyrah Spewfire.

This is a second Silver Tower Pink Horror, this time with one of the alternate Herald of Tzeentch heads from the Burning Chariot kit. I went for an "inside-out" version of the colour scheme I used for the last one.

This is the completed warband so far:

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Stormcast Eternal Lord Relictor - part 1

I have never really liked the "coffin-on-a-stick" that the Lord Relictor carries, but I really like the background, look and feel of the model otherwise and wanted to use one as my Silver Tower character.

So I used the staff in his right hand (without the reliquary) and added a hammer from one of the statues in the Warhammer Chapel scenery kit and reattached the base to the cut-down the staff. I'm not sure of the practicalities of having an hour-glass hung from a warhammer (!) but I think it looks cool, so I'm sticking with it!

I aim to get him painted in the next week or two as Godfather Viktor has started assembling and painting his Silver Tower models.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Blackrocks Bay - part 5: The Charybdis Occulum (WIP)

Base colours are pretty much all down now. Onto lots of washes and dry-brushing next.

The colour scheme is inspired by the Ashton Memorial, in Lancaster (in the UK!)

More WIP Archeotech Prospectors

More members of the archeotech prospectors group. I see this team as NPCs rather than main characters, so they will either feature in scenarios or just wander around in the background while a fight is going on.

JC8, the Miner.
A heavy servitor. Too slow and plodding to be any use in combat but almost indestructible.

Tyloc Greften Haug, the Assessor.
An Adeptus Mechanicus Reclaimator with a dubious reputation.

I have replaced the heavy weapon with the servo-skull from the kit. I was planning a more extensive conversion but none of the bits I have available are anywhere near as good as the parts that come with this gorgeous model!

I didn't want to keep the axe as it is too distinctive as the Adeptus Mechanicus badge-of-office, so I cut it down to look like some kind of arcane scanning device.

Konrat & Bogen, the Watch.
(These two weren't in my original plan, so it is already getting out of my control!)
Hurrying to defend the Prospectors from harm when the alarm is raised! The underhive is a dangerous place after all...

I also won a box of Sector Imperialis spares, and a complete Promethium Relay Pipes set, on eBay for a lot less than the retail price of the pipes! This adds to my reasonable bits-box of scenery components and means the next few buildings I plan to make for the Mancunius Dome are going to be much more interesting!

Friday, 5 August 2016

A Clash of Empires. The Season of War - Game 3

Objective: Honour and Glory: Both sides earn Laurels of Victory for killing unit leaders (1), Heroes (2) and the enemy General (3), and for controlling the central scenery (1 per round).

Kapitán Alunzo da Leeva - Orruk Warboss
El Doctoro - Orruk Great Shaman
Dragante - Orruk Boss + 9 Boyz, Orruk Banner
Tambor - Orruk Drummer + 9 Boyz
Da Fireworkz (looted cannon) - Rock Lobber
Grapeshot and Beermoth - 2 Rumguzzler Gargants


The Rotmoons fell back from Ghyran after their run of defeats and mustered near a Realmgate in Wortbad, one of the small haunted villages that litter the Harrowmark in Shyish: The Realm of Death. There they met up with the Rumguzzler Gargants Grapeshot and Beermoth and plotted their return to Ghyran.

Unfortunately for them The Golden Rifles had been dispatched to hunt them down!

Beermoth and Grapeshot headed into the woods.

The Rotmoons were split into 2 units, one went with Da Leeva between Deathwatch Hall and the Rose & Sycthe Inn.

The rest with Degante went between the Chapel of Shyish and the other side of Deathwatch Hall.

Da Fireworks dragged their gun up on the right flank.

The Golden Rifles' Steam Tank wheezed and clanked into position opposite the looted gun while the rest of the Free Guild force formed up the other side of their Luminark.

The Gargants crashed through the trees.

The Handgunners marched through the pumpkin field until the  Free Guild General ordered them to hold the line, so they planted their standard and took aim at the Gargants.

The Orruk Privateers closed on the statue in the centre of town.

The Demigryph Knights smashed into Grapeshot.

The Rotmoons clashed with Free Guild Outriders.

Grapeshot fell and Beermoth piled in to the knights.

Even though the Rotmoons took heavy casualties they whittled down the Outriders rapidly.

Da Leeva was left behind by the charging Privateers and stood on his own in the open. It suddenly got very bright...

... as the Luminark turned it's powerful beam on him.

The Steam Tank chugged toward the central statue.

But the Luminark dealt with the Rotmoons Boyz before it got there!

Beermoth and El Doctoro both ran away from the town, hoping not to be noticed...


BlessedKnight won, with 5 Laurels of Victory to my 2.